Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm a clever boy.

I was pretty hungry this morning but I was just so comfortable on the second floor walkway that I didn't want to head downstairs when Mamma came out to feed us.

She thought the "hee-haw" noise was Susan, since it usually is. Susan makes that noise when she does her daily stalk around the theatre and when she goes around to the courtyard. In Peafowl, that noise means "where are you?"

I thought if I made that noise for a while, Mamma would think Susan was hungry and she would come out to feed her. It worked! She was confused for a second but then she saw me honk and the game was up.

I still got some seeds hand-delivered though. It's like Meals on Wheels.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

One of my girls was being harassed by ravens a couple of weeks ago. Little buggers are far too smart for their own good. Usually Susan chases them away but she'd decided to lay an egg, so she was protecting her nest. One of the nice ladies in the Faculty Office made a scarecrow. 

It didn't work :/ 

The egg was out of season though, so hopefully it wasn't viable anyway...but we won't tell Susan. 

Someone bought their dog onto campus the other day, which ordinarily Mama doesn't mind, so long as the dog behaves. This one didn't. Vern freaked out and wound up on the roof of the University Club. I think it took him a good few hours to figure out how to get down again. Penny sat near the Club for a while but eventually flew up onto the Arts roof. And the rest of us, well, we'd heard the commotion so we just stayed put on the second floor walkway! Knew we were safe there. 

It's about time I went to stalk the door and wait for Mama to give me some sultanas, I think. I know she has some, I saw her with a new box of them this morning. I see all!!

~ Eddy

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Busy busy

It's very busy on campus at present. Tables being set up along the ground floor walk way for the new students who will be starting with us soon. I wasn't too impressed with the attention being diverted elsewhere - after all, I am the senior male and I command respect and adoration. Besides, Mama is always telling me I'm a "beautiful boy" so if there aren't a lot of people looking at me, I wonder why. 

Luckily for me the door on the second floor is broken so I wandered inside. I probably would have got away with having a stroll past everyone's offices if Liam hadn't ruined my fun by pointing me out. The game was up when Mama saw me but she knows the way to my heart is through my stomach so she fed me some yummy crumbs to get me to go back outside. 

I'm bored again now though so I'm honking for her to bring me more food.